Wednesday, December 17, 2008

3 Years!!

We were married 3 years ago today. I love you babe!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Drew's Evil Face!!

Sometimes Drew will look at me and give me this face! All I can do is laugh!

Feeding the Ducks!!

One Sunday, Uncle Matt came with us to feed the ducks. It was fun but the ducks were kindof nasty. They wouldn't really eat our bread because there were tons of other people there feeding them too. We had fun though!

Too Big PJ's!!

These pajamas are so cute but just a little too big. Drew is being scandalous!

Best Buddies!

Krieger loves Drew! They like to hang out!

Football Season!!

This is what we do on Sunday. We come home from church and then we watch football all day!! Drew even gets to hold the remote when he watches with daddy. He is one step above me!! Also he has to sport the Patriots! Every year we get him a new Patriots and Broncos outfit. Depending on which one is doing better depends on what outfit he wears on Sunday!!

Drew's New Teeth!

If you look close, you can see Drew's new baby teeth coming in! Drew and mommy are very happy. Drew also loves playing with our dog, Krieger. He is a 70 pound boxer and loves to lick Drew's face. I hate it!! But Krieger will come and lay in Drew's lap when he is playing on the floor. Krieger forgets that he is big sometimes.