Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drew's Surgery

The other week Drew was complaining about some pain so I took him to the doctor. The results were he had a double hernia!! He had to have surgery to get them fixed. These are pictures of Drew in the waiting room before they took him away. He was really cute playing with all the toys. I was afraid he would throw a big fit when they took him from me because I could not go back with him int he surgery room. So they gave him this medicine with a really long name but basically it was a kind of muscle relaxer for kids. He became very loopy and actually very entertaining. They told me that he would not even realize that I wasn't there anymore when they took him. That was not what happened. As soon as the doctor tried to take him from me, he started to scream bloody murder!! And of course I was bawling my head off. The nurses probably thought I was insane! In the end, the surgery went well. The picture of him in the wagon was him being wheeled out of the hospital. I think I liked that part the best!!

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