Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Brandon wanted to start playing hockey this year. His good friend Reid and brother in law Mikey both play so they decided to play together on the same team. These are pictures of the first game!

Brandon in all his pads and stuff!

Brandon is #13

Reid is #23

Mikey is #11

We are so proud of him!

The great thing is, I now get to hang out with Nachelle and Hilarye every time they have a game! It is fun to cheer for our husbands!!

Nachelle and Drew

Hilarye, Chelsea and Alex

And yes...

That is his cup! Luckily he hadn't used it yet!! Yep that would be my husband!!


Jason & Nicole said...

You serioously have no clue how happpy it makes me when you update!!! Love the pictures! Looks like you are having fun!!!

Hilarye said...

hahaha that last picture of Brandon is classic. Another game tomorrow! Go Ratio!

Jill Manning said...

How fun you get to hang out with friends and watch your hubby play a mean game of hockey. Had Brandon every played before? And yes, that last pic is pretty awesome!

Carol said...

Where do you play hockey? I want to come!

Lance and Becky said...

GOOOOOOOOO Brandon, WOOO HOOO! That's awesome!